As a part of the video content creation team, we were engaged to take part in this new and exciting app that features some of AFL and AFLWs biggest names.

The focus on producing the content was not just so everything was visually appealing but also ensuring that each and every exercise was shot in a way that allowed viewers to learn the exercises accurately and obtaining a clean and clear learning experience.

A little bit about Fit For Footy.


Fit For Footy is the solution to the big question in footy. 

As so many people say, “I want to know what they do at the AFL or AFLW level, and how can I do the same?”

Whether you’re a 35 possession a game beast who wants to make that 40, or someone who enjoys a run with friends and just wants to stay in good shape, Fit For Footy is the app you’ve been waiting for.

Presented by the best players, coaches and high performance staff at the AFL and AFLW level, Fit For Footy has all the information you need in one easy to follow app – and it’s personalized to your age, ability, fitness level and gender.

Fit For Footy has taken the training drills, tips and techniques from the best in the game and made them applicable to you.

Improve your skills, learn how to eat for footy, get the best strength and conditioning program for you – all with the help of the expert Fit For Footy team.

It’s all about personalised content and training at a time that suits you.

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  • Date August 9, 2018
  • Tags Video