Wynelle – Jewellery Designer

Custom jewellery design is a whole new world of its own!

You possibly have never really put a great deal of though into the logistics of how a ring is made… and whoa its quite remarkable. Intricate detail, intense focus and a whole workshop bench full of tools that look like they are made for use use of tiny lego men.

The entire process from melting down metal, turning into a little block to fit through the manually cranked mental band machine which determines the thickness and profile of the ring, all the way through filing, stone setting and polishing.

The attention to detail provided by the Wynelle team is absolutely outstanding. In discussion with the Director Janelle, there is no room for second best and only perfection is released to their clientele. This is why they are having such great success!

We recently put together a highlight video of the ring making process and a set of images to show not only clients, but those fascinated with how such craftsmanship is carried out.

  • Date August 15, 2018
  • Tags Video